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EXO (outside : outer) is an installer for the top cladding manufacturers around the world in Dubai, UAE. We specialize in installation of both exterior and interior cladding. Our extensive experience with the US & California markets make us your ideal source to obtain the right cladding for your building as well as it's most efficient installation.

Cladding is a covering or layer applied to the external surfaces of a structure to protect it or give it a new look. Cladding not only makes the character of the building, but also serves as a protection to the main structure from any atmospheric or exterior elements that will affect the lifespan of the building.










From fiber cement, PVC, fiber concrete, composite, metal panels, brick veneer, tile veneer and fine wood we can procure and install the right cladding solution for your building. If you’re interested in installing wall cladding, you’ll need to know the different types for both interior and exterior cladding, plus their benefits. We at EXO can assist with the entire process to achieve the optimal result.

Fiber Cement

Performance Engineering

A built-in, meticulously engineered moisture management system allows air and moisture to exit, reducing the risk of mold and water damage to buildings.

Advanced Installation

Clip installation system reduces construction time and minimizes mistakes thanks to our innovative Ultimate Starter Track and Ultimate Clip system.

Low-maintenance Design

Resistant to rotting, warping and falling victim to pests, helps bring your vision to life and ensures it looks great for years to come.



AZEK Exteriors manufactures distinctly unique siding, trim, and moulding. This brand present homeowners, builders, architects, dealers and contractors with a comprehensive suite of first-rate products that are long lasting, sustainable alternatives to wood.



Fiber Cement

Fiber cement cladding sheets are used for many external and internal purposes. SILBONIT™ cladding sheets are the obvious choice for a cost-effective and low maintenance facade that not only exhibit a unique beauty, but also help protect against fluctuating temperatures helping to reduce energy costs. The sheets require no regular maintenance to uphold their strengths, qualities or functions.

This product is an asbestos free flat sheet, double compressed, stabilized in an autoclave, and reinforced with mineralized cellulose fibers. Color pigments are added during the manufacturing process making SILBONIT™ an integrally colored material.


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